Face it. You are not as comfortable in your home because your small kids are growing fast, maybe your mother-in-law just moved in, or your hobbies have outgrown your home.

A few years back you could have just pulled up the tent pins and moved to a new location. Your kids are in school now, or you bought at the height of the real estate market and cannot afford to sell.

Make Use Of What You Have
If you have a basement, consider converting it. Or, better yet, take another look at the garage for some big garage transformations to inspire you. The tips in this article will help you make your home spacious and livable once again.

Let’s start wth the first place. Parking your car in the garage results in lower auto insurance, so you do not want to give that space up. But, have you considered creating more space in the loft area of your garage?

That is tip number one. It is a one of the top big garage transformations to inspire considering. This is a great adaptation to the space to move in a growing teen or your mother-in-law. When they move out, you have a place to potentially rent out. It sounds like a win-win type of renovation to make to your home.

The second item on the list will be another money-maker. At least, that is the case if you have your own home-run business. Again, take the loft space in the garage and convert it into your home office. It will allow a sufficient privacy and quiet space to get to work in your office that is close to home.

At some point you may still want to rent it out, so consider building the space out with its own utilities, bathroom, and appliances. This way you can make money now using it for business, and at some point in the future as an apartment for rent.

Number three on the big garage transformations to inspire takes the basic floorplan and adapts it into a more rustic living space. The ground floor is leveled, and overlaid with flooring, and outfitted with plumbing, electric, and gas lines to make it a fully functional kitchen and eating area. The inside of the home, where the kitchen and dining room used to call home is further outfitted and changed into a den.

Removing the old garage doors gives a pleasant surprise when fitted with big glass doors. It is warm and welcoming, given rust timbering where the loft rafters once sat, along with a wagon wheel chandelier.

Another way to re-imagine the former garage is as a double living space. Transform the upstairs garage into a private area while making the first floor into a shared living space.

Or, along the same lines create a duplex to accommodate two separate renters. It involves no real estate purchases nor any complex and expensive expansions to the existing footprint of the home. Yet, it could definitely expand your potential income.

Conisder what you have always wanted and what will serve the needs of your family the best. That is the way to pull off the renovation of a lifetime without adding onto the home, or spending your future income to satisfy today’s needs.

Needs change, and as your family changes, your home needs to keep pace. Part of the fabric of your family is your home. You bought it so that you could keep your family comfortable. Part of that means the home needs to transform along with your family.

Converting space allows you to make drastic changes to your home without ruining its basic layout and plan. Perhaps it was built on an appropriately sized lot, and making any other transformations and additions would sacrifice the outdoor living space. That commonly happens in overbuilt homes that seem to take away from the potential future use of space before the family’s life has begun.

Instead, make use of the existing space to make a more useful renovation without altering the yard. Enjoy better views and dual living spaces just from one interior renovation to the garage. Who knew you could make such a drastic but simple transformation within your home?