AlexaYoungHello girls! My name Is Alexa Young, and at this very moment you are visiting my blog-site Alice Blue Bridals!

Six years ago I became completely obsessed with weddings. Not only that it’s a cutest, and the most brilliant celebration of love, – it’s much more than that for me. Since the very early childhood I’ve been obsessed with with design, and aesthetics of various designs, and celebrations etc.

I’ve studied interior design in London, Middlesex University, – in 2012 I’ve came back from oversees, and I’ve been more into Weddings than ever before. The colors, the fabrics, the music, the food, the vibe (yes even that).

My friends sometimes laugh at me saying that I’m so much into wedding as an event, – I will never ever get married myself. And so far, – I think they are right about that. For almost two years, – I’m single :/ But nevermind.

Alice Blue Bridals is the blog about the most beautiful day in the life of a girl. On the other hand, when my brother Thomas found out about this blog, – he read every post, came to my room (back then we still lived with our parents) – and told me that reading about it, – reading about wedding, as an even with every detail pre-planed, from a girls perspective though him so much about the way girls mind works, – he couldn’t be more thankful. So even if you’re a man, or a boy, and you just found this blog, – don’t just click away, – read it. You might as well find something useful or at least entertaining.

No I’m not desperate ! I’m just obsessed.