A garage door is far from being an impulse purchase. You have to consider lots of factors before deciding which brand or model to pick. There are so many designs, insulation values, sizes and styles, that you can easily spend a few months doing the research and yet not know which one to buy.


If you don’t fancy a particular brand, you should start your research by putting together a list of everything you want your next garage door to have. Do you want it to be an overhead door? Write this down. Do you want a modern, aluminum model? Put this on your list. Do you want it to have windows or you don’t really care about this detail? If you have an old style house, you may want a garage door that matches it. This may mean you need to order a custom one, so you don’t really care about the brand of the door, since you need to have it designed especially for you. It is also possible to get some swinging stable steel doors and enjoy an excellent durability. Steel doors can last longer than the house itself, so if you are looking for something you’ll never replace, the brands offering such options are going to be your winners.

Once you’re done with the style and other design elements of your door, you have to consider some technical parameters as well. The most important one is the insulation value. It is the one that’s going to dictate how cold it’s going to be in your garage during winter days. Nonetheless, if you live in an area with warmer climate, you can ignore the insulation value and pick something in the average class. This decision is going to influence the price quite a lot. It is up to you to pick a cheaper brand and agree to pay more on your energy bills or to choose the best R-value for your door and enjoy energy savings for many years to come. Besides, the higher the R-value, the more your door is going to reduce the outside noise. This could be extremely useful if you live in an area with high levels of traffic. There are lots of things to discuss when it comes to insulation. For instance, some manufacturers offer polystyrene insulated doors. These doors have a lower R-value. However, they are thicker than polyurethane insulate doors. If this is an issue for you, you should pick a brand that suits your thickness requirements. Modern polyurethane insulated doors are thin, but you shouldn’t worry about that, because they usually feature a higher thermal insulation despite their thickness. The reason is that the insulation is usually forced between two steel panes to tightly fill the resulting cavity. This door model is also extremely silent in operation, so you could check out the brands that offer this solution and pick one of them.

Last but not least, you should be concerned with the safety of your garage door. It is a large moving item your family members may interact with. You don’t want your child having his fingers cut by your garage door just because he thought he could push it to prevent it from closing. This is why safety features such as pinch-resistant design and tamper resistant bottom brackets and very important. Ideally, the door should realize when there’s something in the way and stop the motion in order to prevent accidents.

The best garage door brand is the one that suits all your requirements as described above. Choose it wisely, so that you can enjoy your door to the full.

The next thing to consider when going for one brand or another is the network they have in your area of residence. Ideally, you want to have a dealer or some representative office in your neighborhood. In case of emergency, this is going to be a real life saver. You can’t afford to leave your broken garage door open and go to work, as you risk to get robbed. Besides, you want to make sure you have someone to call whenever you need help with various maintenance operations or with malfunctions that might become dangerous if ignored.