There are many little information to worry about when planning a wedding some might get forgotten. One small information that typically gets overlooked is how to keep guests entertained prior to the wedding reception “formally” starts.

There is no requirement that brides entertain their guests at all. After all, they have currently attended your wedding ceremony (which was surely interesting and amusing, properly?) and they will quickly get music, food and drink. What more could they desire? It turns out, a lot. While the bride and groom are off having photos taken, the guests are left to their own gadgets, talking with other visitors and questioning when the buffet will open.

In that light, it’s worth a minimum of considering some pre-reception choices for keeping wedding guests amused till the reception begins. Here are a couple of options, some custom, some not so, however still fun.

Initially, you can do the conventional thing and supply visitors with beverages and possibly some light treats. If the wedding remains in the summer, how about offering lemonade and iced tea? Or if it’s the winter, coffee and hot tea and even hot cocoa depending on the style of your wedding. Offering a light treat isn’t a bad idea, either, and that can be some appetizer-type food or just nuts, especially if the meal will be heavy.

Now, if you wish to stray from tradition, there are numerous options. Some brides opt for entertaining the visitors in the truest sense of the word. Clowns, any individual? How about live music?

If you want to venture into the enjoyable and cool, speak with the celebration preparation pages of a local children’s or moms and dad’s publication. Here, you can find individuals who will amuse your kids at their birthday parties, but a number of them will happily take on wedding tasks. You can hire a clown to make balloon animals for the kids (and adults) in participation, or to juggle a few things. Some clowns hold true performers and will happily get the crowd included by bring products out of women’s handbags and juggling them.

Other non-traditional choices for amusing your visitors consist of working with a band to play music in advance. If you plan to have symphonic music at your wedding event, you can have a band come and play covers of existing pop songs, or you can simply have your hired band arrive a bit early to amuse guests waiting for the complete reception to begin.

If there are numerous children at the wedding, it’s not too expensive to employ a kids’s band to sing and captivate the children for a bit. Then if the kids are a bit tired at the reception, they’ll still have the memory of the earlier home entertainment with them. In addition, while the kids are being amused, the adults can have a possibility to chat and they will certainly thank the bride-to-be for thinking of them because way.

Some other alternatives for amusing your restless crowd before the celebrations begin are to include them in the reception before it starts. This is a good time to ask individuals to sign the guest book and write something meaningful, considering that they will have more time than they would usually have as they submit into the reception hall.

If the reception and the wedding ceremony happen in the same location, but the bride and groom are off having pictures taken, it may not seem as if there’s this predicament of ways to keep the visitors captivated, however there in truth, is.

In this case, you can have servers circulate with appetizer trays or you can do something more sophisticated, such as a few of the ideas above. One popular option doesn’t include entertaining the visitors at all. State the wedding is being held at a historic home or mansion. During the lull before the reception, guests can be offered a trip of the property. If the wedding event and reception are both being held at the couple’s new house, a tour of the home might be in order (assuming the visitor list is fairly little).


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