We have just moved into a new house, and we had a problem with garage doors, people.

Picking the right Garage door for your building is as important as its interior design and structure specification. Just like innumerable option for your building design, garage doors also comes in quite a number of material specification like wood and wood composites, fiberglass, vinyl, steel and aluminum. Each of these materials has its own benefits and drawback which shall be discussed further below. Garage doors not only provide safety, protection and easy access but it is also an uplift of its asset value as well as design aesthetics. The main aspects that you need to know before selecting a garage door for your building are as follow:

Contact a few prominent brands that sells garage door. It includes direct manufacturer, its authorized dealers or even local retailers.

Collect their brochures and do a preliminary study on what all materials they offer.

Take black and white estimate from minimum three shortlisted companies and evaluate.

Always pick companies who have knowledgeable staff who are able to help you decide which material best works for your building especially with the climatic conditions of that region.

Remember this is a long term investment and you don’t want to be spending all the way through for its maintenance and replacements.

Some garage doors comes with self service option that you can easily pick up from the particular aisle in home depot. Garage door installation requires carpentry and manpower support for its installation. So if you carpentry is not your expertise always consider a budget for its installation charges. It will definitely save your time and effort.

Have your research done on the material of garage door that you are going to go ahead with. Especially, its maintenance frequency and durability.

It is always good to take a second opinion from friends or people you know, can also save your time of research and short listing the prominent brands.

If you are dealing with manufacturers, they can offer customized designs for you per your requirement. So you can opt for garage door with windows for a decorative accent and to add daylight to your garage. Windows options can also range from standard single glazed or, for insulated doors, dual glazed. Some doors have snap-in decorative frames.

Technology wise today garage door has advanced quite well. Garage doors have become high-tech, with high-performance insulation and energy-saving glazing, finished interior surfaces, baked-on exterior finishes and many more progressions.

Know about the material option for Garage Door

As you have already read Garage Door options are multitude now. The selection of material mainly depends on the building design, the environment and climatic conditions. Do not settle for cheap and budget friendly garage door material without doing proper research. It is always advisable to go with reputed manufacturers so after sale service can be counted on reliably.

Wood Garage Doors

Wood is a classic choice that goes for any type of building be in old or contemporary. Its natural exquisiteness, availability, and easy customization are the reasons for wooded garage door being the most preferred material. But as with any wood, it expands and contracts and can warp and crack as it weathers. It is easily influenced by climatic changes and dampness and requires regular repair and maintenance like repainting or refinishing every couple of years.


Steel Garage Doors

Another commonly preferred garage door material is the Steel made. Like house even the garage needs safety for things within. Steel made garage doors are strong, inexpensive and required very low maintenance. Moreover, the latest technological growth can also make the steel doors with wooden look finishes. So these have widely been opted more in comparison to wood for its replenished look.

Aluminum Garage Door

After steel Aluminum Garage door is the next preferred material option for garage door. It is durable lightweight and inexpensive just like steel, and it doesn’t not have the issue of corrosion. Wooden finish can also be obtained in aluminum garage door. The disadvantage of this material is that it is not as strong as steel and can have dents.


Fiberglass Garage Doors

Fiberglass is mounted on aluminum frame to build attractive and contemporary looking garage doors. Fiberglass is lightweight and translucent. It is resistant to the effects of salt air, which is why fiberglass doors are recommended for locations with corrosive ocean climates and where light transmission is ideal. Fiberglass garage doors are not very popular material because of its poor insulation, very less security as the material is feeble, the color fades to yellows with time and extreme cold temperature makes it brittle.

How to Pick the Right Brand?

Research is inevitable in picking the right brand for your garage door. Always have the measurements of your requirement ready in hand during the research. Some good brands offers to exhibit real size garage doors which will be really at your advantage to select after having the option of experiencing the look and feel of the actual door. Some brands local dealers will send their sales person to you to explain their products and advising the right option for your building needs.

You may choose to purchase a garage door with installation from independent a local garage door company in your area. Most of these garage door companies are distributors of doors made by major manufacturers. They buy and configure pre-made door sections and handle installation. But if you are looking for customized garage doors it is best to check with prominent brands manufacturer directly or their authorized dealers.

It is very important to go ahead with experienced specialists which satisfies all your queries and of course fitting your budget. Professional service should be evaluated for each and every company because after sale service is also important for any ad-hoc maintenance or repair needs throughout the life of the installed garage doors.

Some of the biggest garage door manufacturers internationally are Clopay, Wayne-Dalton, Raynor, and C.H.I. Overhead Doors. To find their dealers in your area you can easily browse on their website. Most importantly, a good garage door adds up the value of asset and offers better price when selling your building so it is always crucial to go for the best brands.