Womens Political Action

What We Stand For

We are a multi-cultural group that focuses on making a positive impact on political and social issues for women. Since 2016, we’ve created a grassroots approach to touch the people, especially in underfunded communities. Some of the key places we function include: public policy, equal opportunity in the workplace, positive imagery for women, and impacting the political structure from local to a federal level.

Womens Political Action

Public Policy for Women

Understanding the general value as it applies to the workplace and politically. Empowering women to hold leader roles in major companies as well as office. Unifying people of different races, cultures, and beliefs no matter what background. A focus on hiring more women to powerful positions and creating a balance in different industries from a industrial, technological, and even food/beverage standpoint. Making sure that women are given a fair chance based on experience, collegiate prowess, merit, and overall character.

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Why Join the Caucus?

  • Support the movement for women’s equal rights
  • Strengthen our political voice
  • Learn about local politics and process
  • Meet promising women candidates and help them get elected
  • Participate in campaign trainings and learn how to run for office
  • Influence public policy
  • Get information, updates and invitations to fun events
  • Meet elected officials and activistst
  • Meet other great women who want to make a difference
  • Be a part of a national network of Caucus members

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Come together to pool our resources and
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